How to create a contact

How to create a contact step by step.

  • Go to the Contact/Co. module.
  • Select Contact.
  • Click on Add Contact.
  • The Add a contact window will be displayed:
    1. Select if it's a public or private contact.
    2. Determine if it's a Quick Sale Customer.
    3. Add first and last names. The second name is optional.
    4. Gender.
    5. Contact type: You can assign a contact type.
    6. Language: Ideally select your contact's native tongue so they can get their invoices and emails in the proper language.
    7. Company: If your client is an employee of a company that deals with your store, you can associate them with it.
    8. Price List: Select a previously configured price list for your client if applicable.
    9. Tax Group: You can also assign a tax group if applicable.
    10. Consignment Percentage: If your client provides your business with consigned items, this is where you'd specify the percentage if need be.
    11. Mandatory reference number on sale: Once this is enabled, every time the contact will make a purchase, the clerk will be prompted to ask for a reference number before doing the invoice.