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General Troubleshooting: Alice POS

While we do our best to avoid problems with Alice POS as much as humanly possible, there are certain factors, which are out of our control, that can cause issues.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most common errors that you might encounter with Alice POS and how to fix each of them. If all else fails, please contact us at 1 844-242-7767 or by submitting a support form.

Installation problems

Here’s how to proceed if you encounter one of the following errors when installing Alice POS:

  • Anti-Virus and Firewall: Some anti-virus and firewalls can block the Alice POS installation process because of its location on your computer. Temporarily disabling them will allow the installation to proceed. Don’t forget to reactivate your Anti-Virus and Firewall once the installation is complete
  • “C:\Users\–\AppData\Roaming/postgresql/root.crt”: This error stems from a file that did not unpack successfully during the installation process. Most of the time, it’s the certificate; a vital file required to connect to our database.
  • “SE2FTP connect error” or similar errors:
    • 1. Make sure you have the latest version of the installer
    • 2. Move these files and the installer to the Alice installation folder (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Secondary Effects\Alice” by default).

Loss of internet connection

Alice POS won’t launch, stops responding, or is slower than usual? This problem is most likely caused by a loss of internet connection.

What to do?

  • Verify if the problem is localized to a single computer or affects all of your computers: This will help you pin point the source of your issues.
  • Check what type of Internet connection you are using: Wi-Fi or Cable.
    • If you are connected via Wi-Fi: Make sure the Wi-Fi terminal has a signal strong enough to reach your device.
      • Try to switch from Wi-Fi to a cable connection: A wired connection is much more stable as there’s no possibility of interference
      • If you’re currrently connected with a wire: Make sure it is properly plugged in and undamaged.
  • Check the wiring
    • Verify the computer, router, and modem wires.
    • If the wires are intact, please restart your modem.
  • Check the stability of the connection
    • Run a speedtest: this will indicate the strength and speed of your Internet connection. A connection that appears too low or too high is a symptom that there’s a problem. If things look abnormal, please contact your Internet service provider.
    • Create a hotspot: You can create a hotspot using your phone’s internet network or use a 3G USB key. Here’s how to use your Android or iPhone device as a hotspot.
    • Verify if you use a lot of bandwidth: Are you streaming music? Videos? Using additional tools aside from Alice POS that requires constant access to the internet?
    • Use a software like CCleaner to clean the cache of your Internet browser: This will remove any useless and unwanted cache files from browsing on the internet.
  • Check if it’s a hardware issue such as faulty network card, wires, etc.
    • Follow the steps on this page.
    • Try to reproduce the issue with another device (smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc…).

Alice stops responding when you perform an operation

You were in the middle of a transaction and Alice suddenly froze and stopped responding. This problem can be caused by a handful of things. Here’s what you can do to troubleshoot your issues:

  • Make sure you have the correct username and password: If necessary, you can delete the password and create a new one by following the instructions here.
  • Check if your device’s wires are connected properly: A disconnected scanner wire can cause Alice POS to slowdown seeing as it must handle device connections/disconnections in real time.
  • Open a new connection: Try to open a new window of Alice POS.
  • Force stop Alice POS: If you press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time on your keyboard, you will be able to bring up the Windows Task Manager. Select Alice from the list and click on “End task” at the bottom right corner. Windows will force close Alice so you can re-launch it.
  • Re-install Alice POS: If the steps above fail, simply re-install Alice POS by making sure to select the “Run Programs as Admin” option. To re-install Alice POS, you can refer to this article.

Possible error messages

If an error message displays when launching Alice or when performing an action, here’s a list of things you can do to troubleshoot. If you come across a new error message, please send up a support request ideally with a screenshot of the error.

What to do?

  • “Cannot update the app. Please close all other windows of this application. Press OK to try again.”: This problem is caused by the fact that several Alice POS windows are open. Simply close unnecessary instances of Alice POS to update properly.
  • “Application Error: EP Exception in module Alice.exe to XXXX. There is no printer selected by default.” : Alice POS is designed to print invoices based on Windows print settings. If you receive this message, it means that there no default printers selected. Simply select a default printer in your computer settings to fix this issue.
  • « Printer Selected not Valid »: Some printers aren’t compatible with Alice POS. If you see this error, go to your Computer Settings > Devices > Printers > Select either the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer or the Microsoft Print to PDF printer (or any PDF softwares). This should fix the problem but you may need to restart Alice.

My Terminal is offline

Your Pin Pad terminal is unable to complete transactions. Here’s what you can do to troubleshoot:

  • Check if the terminal is Alice POS compliant: Here’s how to verify your Pin pad configurations: Moneris.
  • Check if the terminal is still connected to Alice POS: Go to the Tools section of the Alice POS menu and select the Status option.

My receipt printer does not print anymore

You were printing labels when your receipt printer stopped printing and responding. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Check if the printer is still functional: Is the light on? Are the wires still connected? Simply disconnecting and reconnecting the wires can fix about 80% of this type of problem.
  • Check if the printer is empty: Open your printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions to see if it’s out of labels or if a label is jammed. If so, please contact us.
  • Print a test page: Open the Printers and Scanners page of your Windows and select the printer in question. Click Manage and Print a test page.
  • Install your printer’s drivers: Each printer comes with drivers that allow Windows to identify and connect to it. If you do not remember or do not think you already have it installed for your printer, refer to its model and instruction manual for the driver download link. Please note that Windows 10 will, most of the time, install and configure your printer automatically. If it fails, then look for your printer’s driver online (Ex: “printer type” driver in Google).
  • After disconnecting your printer from its usual port: If you recently disconnected your printer and plugged it into another port, your computer may not recognize it. Reinstalling the driver or re-plugging the printer into its original port will most likely fix this issue.

My Alice configurations have disappeared

After launching Alice, you are no longer able to use your printer, scanner, and/or receipt printer. When you go under Alice POS Configurations, some fields are empty. When you launched Alice POS, you noticed that all connected devices (printers, scanners) do not respond. You open up the Setup window to verify your configurations and you notice a few empty fields. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Re-configure your hardware in Alice POS configurations: When Windows updates, it is possible that it overwrites some of your softwares’ settings. Verify your configurations to confirm if your hardware (receipt printer, label printer, cash drawer, scanner) is still selected. If not, please consult this article to re-configure your hardware.

Display issues with reports

You have generated a report from Alice POS and the data is not displaying correctly. They are stacked on top of each other or each line of your report is represented by a line of data separated by commas. Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Change the settings of your computer: This problem occurs when you miss a setting in Windows. Go to your computer’s Control Panel > click Region > click Additional Settings > and replace the semicolon with a comma under “List Separator”. Click Apply and Ok. Your reports will appear in uniform rows when you re-open them.

I lost my password! How can I access my account?

If you lost your password, you must follow one of the following two procedures based on your User profile. This was set up for security purposes.

  • If you are an employee or non-administrator user: If you lost your password, please ask your on-site Alice POS Administrator user to reset your password (if your Admin needs help, have him refer to this section). The next time you sign in to your account with your temporary password, Alice POS will ask you to create a new password.
  • If you are an Alice Administrator: Please call us at 1 844-242-7767 so we can reset your Administrator password.

How do I recover accidentaly deleted items?

Nothing is ever really lost with Alice POS. Here’s what to do if you accidently deleted an item.

When trying to delete a product in Alice POS, a few steps were put in place to avoid accidental deletion as much as possible. You’ll be prompted to log in and write a reason as to why you want to delete the item.

If, despite the process, you accidently deleted the wrong item, you can easily reactivate it. Simply click on the garbage can icon to display all deleted items, select the item you want to re-activate and then click on the back arrow next to the garbage can icon.