Setup – Como tab

The Como loyalty program was added to Alice POS to give you more options. Once your subscription is activated with the Como team, you will need to activate it in Alice.

For more information and to register for the Como loyalty program, please visit the following link.

Please note that Como's external functionalities and configuration are to be done from your official Como dashboard.


To enable the Como program, check the Enable Como Loyalty Program box. Once enabled, you’ll be able to fill out the rest of the information.

Connection settings – Required

Once your Como membership is ready to go, you’ll receive an API key, store, workstation usernames to setup your store.

Setting for Como Loyalty Program


Enabling Exclude quick sales customer from the Como flow will exclude the Quick sales customer from the Como flow meaning you won’t be able to use it for the Como loyalty program.


You can select which methods to use for your customers to identify themselves.

Identification mode

Allows you to decide the methods of identifying your customers.

Details Returned

Allows you to decide between customer details & gift lists your customers are entitled to.


Users can link a service with a membership code so that when added to an invoice, the Como customer account will be automatically created.

Member Details

Allows you to decide which information are shared from Como to Alice POS.

Gift List

Allows to determine which gift card to receive based on your customer’s Como status.

Points / Credits

To allow your customers to use their points and/or credits, you need to enable the Enable Points/Credits. This requires a unique payment method which needs to be created. You can also decide if you display credits/points balance monetarily or non-monetarily.

Mobile Pay

Allows your customers to pay with the Como mobile App.


Allows you to include selected products for your non-Como customers.