Sell-through allowances

Sell-through allowances are sales incentives offered by manufacturers to help a store with margin protection with a retroactive discounted list price. Essentially they are subsidies or rebates given from suppliers to compensate for retail discounts and help maintain price competition. To activate a sell-through allowance on a product:
  • In the Inventory module, select the Catalog list.
  • Find your product
  • Right-click and select Add an STA promotion…
  • In the promotion window, several fields have been pre-filled for you. You need to complete the following fields:
    • Value: represents the price paid by the customer. The value must be a selling price
    • Start and end: select the period when the STA promotion is to be applied
    • Advertising bonus (AAF): Amount allocated by your provider to maintain price competition
    • Bonus (SPIF): Amount awarded to the employee for selling the product
  • Once you reach the start date, when you sell the product, the promotion will apply automatically.


In the Report module, you will find 2 new reports to help you track sell-through allowances.
  • In the Report module
  • Under the Purchase section, you'll find:
    • Sales Performance Incentive Fund: Will list items sold during the selected period that had a sales incentive bonus sort by the advisor
    • Retroactive Cost Reduction: Will list items sold during the selected period that had a paid advertising premium paid by the provider. Sorted by a supplier.