Moneris P400 Configuration

The following contains the steps needed to configure your P400 Terminal

Step One

To begin, run the initial setup of the terminal with Moneris support to ensure your terminal is ready to be connected to Alice POS.


Here is the information you will receive from Moneris :
Terminal No. : 66xxxxxx (ECR number to enter in Alice)
Associated with         
Pin Pad  No. : P16xxxxx  (To enter on the terminal)

Merchant : 003XXXXXXXX 
API : ********** (The API Key is provided by Moneris)

If you have 2 terminals, make sure that the ECR and Pin pad numbers are properly associated with each other.

*The Moneris activation team needs to ensure that the Cloud POS option is selected.

Step Two

With the initial configuration complete, open Alice and go to your Configuration menu. With the Configuration menu open, go to the Moneris tab.

In the Moneris tab complete the following steps.

  1. Check the box to Enable a Moneris Terminal and select the Verifone terminal.
  2. In the Connection parameters, enter the information provided to you by Moneris.

Once the information is entered in, click OK to close the Configuration window.


Step 3

With the information entered into the Configuration menu, we can now link the terminal with Alice.


Go to the Tools menu and go down to Moneris. In this small pop-up window you will see the options we need to link the terminal with Alice.

  1. Link - The first step is to select this option. This will open a window where you will enter in the pairing token.

    NOTE: The pairing token should be a 6 digit number visible on the terminal screen.
  2. Once you have successfully paired the terminal to Alice POS, return to the menu and select the Initialize option. This may take a few seconds to complete but once done the terminal will be ready to use.