Membership Program

Alice POS provides merchants with an exciting opportunity to increase revenue with new sources of income coming from the membership program feature.

How to Enable a Membership Program for a Customer

    • First, we will need to enable the membership program by going into the Membership tab located under your Settings gear.
    • Once enabled, go to the Invoice module.
    • Add your customer to the invoice.
    • If your customer does not have a membership, you will be prompted to activate the customer's membership.
  • In the new prompt, select the duration of the loyalty program for the customer.
  • Click on Ok.
  • Complete the transaction.
When the customer comes back, simply do the invoice as you normally do, if the product the customer selected is eligible for a discount, it will be automatically applied under the Member benefit (%) column.


How to disable the prompt for Non-Members

A prompt will be displayed to your employee(s) for every non-member customers added to an invoice. Here's how you can disable it for an employee:
    1. Go to the Contact/Co. module
    2. Search the employee
    3. Double-click to display the Edit contact window. 
    4. Click on the Admin button in the top right corner.
  1. The User management window will display.
  2. Allow the Invoice module use, check the Deactivate the membership box.

  You must be a system Administrator in Alice POS to have access to this setting.