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List of Alice POS Shortcuts

Ctrl + C

Copy: Select the item you would like to copy and hit Ctrl + C to copy the name of the product. This is very useful if you would like to save time during a search. For example, copy the name of your product from an invoice and paste it to your inventory search bar for more information on it.

Ctrl + V

Ctrl + F5
Allows you to cancel the current invoice

Ctrl + F
This enables the search function in the Rent, Order, Repair, Purchase and Inventory modules.

Allows you to launch a new instance of Alice POS

Allows you to finalize an invoice or Refresh a module’s displayed information

Add item or contact to an invoice

Quick log in/log out

In the Invoice module, when searching an item via the Item search function on the right hand side, hitting Enter will add the selected item to the current invoice.

Shift + F12

Will let you access the Windows Task Manager and close Alice if it becomes unresponsive.