Issues updating with windows XP

Let's see the solution with windows XP

For computer having issues updating Alice POS on a windows computer here are some things that can be attempted to resolve/work around the issue.
Please note: This guide isnt comprehensive and may not always work to correct the issue. We heavily recommend that you switch to the currently supported version of Windows.

Transfer Alice POS from another Windows computer

If Alice POS has issues updating to a new version on a windows XP computer, it is possible to transfer the updated files from another computer to the Windows XP computer.
Here are the following folders you will need to transfer from the Windows 10 computer - Please note: The drive letter can vary based on the computer. The letter will be your primary harddrive.
The core Alice folder located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Secondary Effects - This will contain the Base Alice.exe file as well as all the other base files Alice POS need to initially function.
The Secondary Effects folder located in C:\ProgramData - This folder contains files needed to be able to log in to Alice.
Transfer the above mentioned folder to the following locations on the Windows XP computer - 
  1. On the XP computer, place the core Alice folder in C:\Program Files\Secondary Effects - Overwrite all the files.
  2. Place the Secondary Effects folder in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
  3. Make sure to create a new shortcut from the Alice.exe file to put on your desktop