In-Depth Overview of the Repair Module

This article gives you bird’s eye view of what the Repair module is. It allows you to manage everything repair related in your workshop.

In this screen you can see all the items that are currently under repair. To see all on-going repair transactions, click on the Refresh button or F5 key on your keyboard. Here’s an overview of the module’s various functions:

Buttons at the top of the screen


Menu: Allows you to refresh the page or go to fullscreen mode.
Drop-down menu of Views
Navigation: Lets you select if you want to view your repairs by Invoice, Item or Payment.
Perform Search
View details: Allows you to see a list of items/repair in the invoice; at the bottom of the screen.
Filter results: You can find an invoice by using more specific search options, such as the employee that created the invoice, the date, its status, etc.
Display notes: Allows you to see all the notes related to this invoice.

Invoice Section

Preview the invoice: Allows you to see the invoice as if it was printed.
Print …: Print out the invoice.
View customer: A shortcut that takes you directly to the Contact module to your client or company file.

Actions Section

Finalize the invoice: Allows you to finalize the repair invoice so that your client can pay what is owed and leave with his item.
Edit Invoice (limited): Allows you to make small edit items in your repair invoice.
Edit Invoice: Allows you to edit items in your repair invoice.
Refund item: Allows you to refund one or all items from the repair invoice.
Actions performed on this invoice: Allows you to see the action history of the repair invoice.
Cash drawer summary: View the summary of the cash register where the order was taken.
Cancel the invoice: Allows you to cancel the repair invoice.


Refresh: Allows you to refresh the page in the module to make sure you’re seeing the most up to date information
Print list: Allows you to print a list of all active repairs.

Don’t forget to always refresh the view when you arrive in the module to ensure you have the most up-to-date information possible.

Interface details

Depending on which navigation option (Invoice, Item or Payment) you’ve selected, you will see the following columns displayed.

Repair status Indicates the current repair status of the item. These are the status that you previously configured.
Invoice # Number of the repair invoice.
Date Date the invoice was created.
Already (days) Days since the repair request was created.
Pick up The intended date for the client to pickup the item.
Item # Item number
Category Item category
E Indicates a possible error
Mode Type of invoice
Item name Name of the item in the invoice
Index Code Index code of the item
Serial number Item’s serial number
N/U Status of the item: New or Used
Sale Indicates the sales price of the item.
Deposit The deposit given for an invoice, if one was given.
Reference # Reference number given by your client.
Item note Notes written about an item by an employee.
Item internal note Notes written about an item that won’t appear for the client but will be viewable by Alice POS users.
Invoice note You can write a note on the invoice that will appear for the client.
Invoice internal note Notes written on the invoice that won’t appear for the client but will be viewable by Alice POS users.