How to process special orders

Special orders are customer requests for items you do not plan on carrying in stock.

For items you are sure you will never add to your inventory

    • In the Invoice module, select Order for your invoice type.

    • Select your customer.

    • Use the Other Service button with the name of the item.

The item will be added to the order module but will not be added to your inventory.

For a one-time order

This method is ideal for a one-time customer order.

    • Go to the Setup window , choose the Inventory tab, and click on the Inventory categories button.

    • Create a category called Special orders.

    • Create a local serialized item in your inventory called Special order.

How to sell a Special Order

  • In the Invoice module, select Order for your invoice type.
  • Look for your the product Special order in your inventory and add it to the invoice. Add the name of the item in the product note. You can also use the Invoice notes if needed.
  • Add the sell price.
  • Finalize your transaction.