How to Create a Product

Before adding an item in your inventory, the item must be first added to your catalog. To create a product in your catalog list:
  1. In the Inventory module, select your Catalog.
  2. Then select the category in which to add a product.
  3. Hit the + button under Actions.
  4. In the new Add to Price List window, you will see three tabs :
    1. Main: Allows you to enter relevant information such as product name, purchase and sales prices, product type and taxes.
    2. Quantity: allows you to enter the quantities in demand, the minimum quantities and to manage the quantities in pre-order.
    3. Miscellaneous: Allows you to add additional information to the product such as a description, an image, manage product attributes and UPCs.

Main Tab

In the main tab you will be able to enter the following information about your product :
  1. Name of Item: Allows you to enter the name of the product that will appear on invoices and reports.
  2. CAD tab: Allows you to enter the purchase and sale price according to the new and used status of your product.
  3. Product type: Allows you to choose the type of product that will be managed in the inventory. The possible choices are Serialized, Quantity and Bulk.
  4. Serial number traceability: Allows, with serialized products only, to track the serial number of the product.
  5. Release date: Determines the date on which the product became available for sale.
  6. Tax group: Allows you to determine the applicable taxes on your product
  7. Quick Add: Allows you to add UPC code and product attribute without having to go to the Miscellaneous tab.
  8. Inventory: Allows you to apply a price change when you have quantities in inventory.

Quantity Tab

On the Quantity tab, you will be able to maintain demand quantities, minimum quantities, and to maintain pre-order quantities.
  1. Demand (quantity): Allows your employees to make requests to order more units for your next supplier order.
  2. Minimum quantity in stock: Helps you manage your minimum quantity to have in inventory.
  3. Customer orders limitation (new and used): is used to manage pre-order products.

Miscellaneous Tab

In the Miscellaneous tab, you will be able to manage additional information about the product.
  1. UPC Code(s): Allows you to put all barcodes, supplier code and additional code to help you search for your product manually or with a scanner.
  2. Attribute(s): Allows you to add features to your products
  3. eCommerce: for our customers who have an online store, this option allows you to determine whether the product should be displayed on your website or not.
  4. Description and Note: Allows you to put a description of your product to help your employees with product specs as well as internal notes.
  5. Image: Allows you to add images to your products that are accessible in Alice and on the web.
  6. Cross sales: allows you to make proposals for related products automatically at the checkout counter.
  7. Price on label (new and used): allows you to change the default configuration of the system and choose to print a label with or without price
  8. Account Number: Allows you to enter the accounting account number that will be assigned when the product is sold. This feature is related to customers who have an accounting software linked to Alice POS.
  9. Package disassembly: allows you to manage a parent product, for example a box of hockey pucks, which disassembles to a child product, for example a hockey puck, by deducting 1 unit from the parent product to create the number of units registered in the child product.
  10. Sales period management: Allows you to determine a period during which you want to allow or prohibit the sale of certain items.