Accounting Reports

All you need to know for the accounting reports in Alice.

The following are reports available with regards to Accounting in the Reports module:
  1. Account Receivables: The Accounts Receivable Report allows you to manage what your customers owe you. You can also find the amounts credited to them, their credit limit and also the period of time for which they have accounts payable.
  2. Accounting Posting: The Accounting posting report allows you to count all revenues and expenses generated by your business so you can enter them in your accounting books.
  3. Cash Drawer (Manual Openings): This report allows you to trace all the manual openings of your cash drawer for control purposes.
  4. Gifts Cards: This report allows you to return to view the balance of gift cards you issued. You can see its unique number, the initial amount of the gift card and also the period of time for which it was issued.
  5. Orders with Deposits: This report allows you to return to view the balance of deposit orders you have issued. You can see its invoice number, the sum of the active deposit and also the period of time for which it was issued
  6. Royalties: This report allows you to see the cost of your royalties based on the sales you have generated.
  7. Royalties Exemptions: This report shows you the products on which the percentage of your royalties to pay do not apply.
  8. Sales Audit: This report allows you to check the details of each sale that has been made in your store. The report gives you more specific information about the credits granted to your customers. It is also possible to see the deposits that have been placed on orders.
  9. Sales Tax: This report lets you know how much taxes your store has generated related to your sales.
  10. Store Credit Variations: This report allows you to detail the store credit history of one of your customers if you need it.
  11. Store Credits: This report will be useful if you want to know quickly which customers have a credit issued in your store.
  12. Timesheet (hours worked): This report displays the hours worked of your employees for a given time period. Please note this report requires the option Activate time clock management to be enabled.
  13. Transferred Items (Same Owner): Some of our clients have multiple stores that are administered by the same person. If this is the case for you, you may find this report useful to track items that were transferred between your stores.