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The Types of Stores Available in Alice POS

Alice POS offers a store network feature.

With the help of the network, the main idea is to reduce your workload. The price, product and inventory changes spread throughout the network and the stores are then updated based on what was input in the Master or SubMaster account.

How Does it Work?

This question depends on your current situation. The network feature isn’t applicable to all store types. Its first goal is to facilitate daily tasks for owners who manage multiple stores, franchisee stores as well as franchises themselves. If your store that is part of a larger network, you can benefit from this feature.

There are 4 types of stores in Alice POS, here is a detailed description of each type of store.


The Master account is the leading head of your network. The Master account includes all useful information to operate the store. Among other things, it includes prices, items and services that are offered in your stores.

The Master store is only used to stock store information, not to perform daily retail operations such as processing a customer invoice, for example. Instead, it acts as an overall inventory management of the stores. It includes the whole franchise and has all of the most up to date data on the settings linked to your Alice POS.


In certain franchises, the store owners are part of a network with colleagues but they have multiple stores to their name under different banners.

The submaster account is linked to the master account. The same options as the ones in the Master account, to manage inventory and synchronize the changes to the other stores that are part of the network, are available within. The submaster is used for owners who manages multiple stores in the network. They can then proceed to transfer store information easily as the system uses an automated process to make sure that the information is transmitted properly.

We can also include store peculiarities that are different from the Master, such as promotions that appear in the submaster but isn’t necessarily managed by the Master.

Master or Submaster dependent store

The store(s) that relies on the Master or the Submaster takes its internal information regarding inventory and settings from the Master or Submaster that it is linked to. Within this store, we can perform daily retail operations pertaining to sales, purchases, etc. It is the store used for the day-to-day operations.

Standalone Store

If you have a store with a sole banner, the network option is not applicable as you don’t depend on a franchise or franchisees.

All of the settings and operations are made using one store license that does not require a Master account. Everything will be under a single license: inventory, promotions, invoicing, etc… You will just need to change the settings in Alice POS so that they correspond with your store and business needs. All modified details will spread throughout the network and to the user accounts connected to Alice POS.