Handling Rental Return

To Return a Rental on Time

  1. In the Rent module.
  2. Either:
    • Scan the product to return.
    • Search for the product you would like to return.
      • Right-click on the item and select Rental Return or;
      • Click on the Rental Return icon under Navigation.
  3. A new confirmation window will prompt.
  4. Click Yes.


For a Late Rental Return

  1. Head over to the customer's profile in the Contact module or right click on the item that is late in the Rental module.
  2. Add an invoice note on the rental invoice.
  3. Accept to return the rental by right-clicking on it and selecting Rental Return.
  4. Have your customer pay return fees by selecting Services > Late Fees in the Invoice module.
  5. Adjust the price accordingly and finalize the transaction.