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Getting started with Alice

What do you need to get your store up and running with Alice?

First, determine a plan with your assigned onboarding representative for your products.

You can either choose to import your products from your old system, or start fresh in Alice, and create your products manually

  1. Importing will be done with the help of our team, you can start planning how to format and extract your products from your previous system by following this template. 
  2. Start off by deciding which product types will suit your needs, then create your Inventory categories, and start creating your products in the Catalogue. 


Next, plan out the creation of your users, contacts, and suppliers within Alice. 

As with products, our team can help import your contacts and suppliers, which you can prepare using this template to create your list for us to import.


Once your product base is created, with quantities imported, purchased, or added via our stock count ask our onboarding to create you a test system called 'Sandbox' for you and your team to test day to day transactions and scenarios with. 


Practice makes perfect! The more you explore Alice for the different scenarios you encounter, along with relying on our knowledge base, the closer you will be to your first day selling in Alice.


Let us know when the big day is, and we'll be ready to support you!